How To Smoke A Pork Lion

How To Smoke A Pork Lion

Pork loin is without any doubt one of the America’s most loved weeknight meats. It is incredibly tasty and one of the best when it comes to smoking or grilling. We love Pork Loin especially hinting the taste and smell of apple when it is smoked using apple wood chips. But before you try out a recipe, here are some tips to checkout on how to smoke a pork loin.

The pork loin is basically a very budget friendly, lean cut taken out from the pig between the shoulder and rear leg. It should not be confused with tenderloin which is usually below 2 lbs when cooked or smoked. Pork loin is usually around 2-5 lbs even when it has been fully smoked or cooked.

When you go out to a butcher, make sure you acquire the piece which is pink and slightly marbled. It should also have a thick fat cap. Also you can get the pork loin with the bone intact or boneless; it is entirely up to your personal preference. The bone doesn’t have to do anything with the taste; it is only there if you want to present the meat in a serving dish with a different way.

Before smoking the perfect pork loin, you need to decide on the wood chips you’ll use. We highly recommend using Apple wood chips because they are a great compliment to the base flavor of the pork loin. You can also mix the apple wood chips with hickory to get a completely new and different flavor. But this is according to your personal preference.

In order to make sure the pork loin gives out an immense flavor, you need to make sure there is a thick application of pepper, salt and herbs on the exterior of the pork. This will make sure that you will get the best smoke taste possible. Also the fact that there is a thick layer of seasoning on top will make sure the pork will absorb more smoke from the wood.

When getting a pork loin to smoke, you need to understand that it is very important for the meat to have plenty of fat on it. Fat on meat allows it to stay tender and flavorful when smoked for long periods of time. Since pork loin requires more than average time to smoke, you will need to make sure there is plenty of fatty intramuscular marbling present on the piece of meat you get.

If you are not careful about the meat you pick from the butcher, you could end up overcooking it very easily. The key is to use the right electric smoker to set the temperature around 275 degrees and make sure you have an external thermometer to check the internal temperature which should be around 14-145 maximum in the very thickness of the meat.

After you are done smoking, you should let the meat rest in for at least 10 minutes before you serve it to your family or guests.