About Us

logoPorky G’s Smoked Barbecue…
…provides carefully picked, full-flavored cuts of meat. We feature pit-style barbeque which means slow smoked over seasoned fruit-woods.

Founded in 1995.
Being southern taught for this business we provide some of the best barbecue catering services in the greater northwest. We cater parties, weddings, corporate events with meal delivery and on site cooking.

Sit down meals are available with our full-service barbecue and catering. Our friendly professional staff can carve the meat and serve it to your guests while you relax and enjoy your event.

We offer top of the line Prime Rib, Beef Brisket, Tri-Tip, Turkeys, Quarter Chicken, along with a wide selection of alternative menu items and take home specials!

Our quality meats are placed in our wood fired smoking pit with seasoned hard woods. We cook the meats at low temperatures with the beef brisket and pork shoulders taking up to 14 hours to complete and for ribs they can take up to 5 hours before you can enjoy the best ribs you’ve ever eaten.

Once you taste our award winning meats cooked long and slow over Seasoned Hardwood and experience the fall-off-of-the-bone tenderness with that distinctive smoky flavor you will want to have your Holiday meals smoked by us too!

How is it you run out of barbecue?
The simple answer is we would rather sell out than have food left over at the end of the day. Barbecue is best served fresh daily. We try to estimate the amount of food to be served to the best of our ability.

Why don’t you make more when supplies run low?
Our barbecue starts cooking the night before we cook at low temperatures over low heat and smoke for 14 to 16 hours, this low and slow process is what gives our meat its unique taste. Therefore we cannot smoke more if we see supplies running out. We will not compromise quality over profit.

Why isn’t my food hot?
True barbecue is cooked low and slow not over high heat. We serve our barbecue at the temperature that we smoke in the smoker.

Why is my meat pink?
Some people think that their meat is not fully cooked. I promise you your meat is cooked to the proper temperatures. Barbecuing over wood smoke heightens the quality therefore leaving the meat with a pink tint, especially around the bone and don’t forget about the world renowned “smoke ring” along the edge of the meat.