How To Season A Brisket

How To Season A Brisket

Brisket is one of the three biggest meats available in the BBQ market. It is loved after pork shoulder or butt to be the best smoked meat to go for. It is cooked using the golden method of low and slow cooking.

So you’ll definitely need a slow cooker, BBQ grill or a smoker of your choice. Whether you use a gas smoker, pallet smoker or an electric smoker, it is entirely up to you.

A lot of people think cooking a brisket is a hard job. But don’t worry; we’re going to hand you down a lot of expert tips and advice during this guide to help you smoke it like a pro.

One of the biggest problems is its sheer size. This not only makes it hard to smoke but it is also quite challenging when it comes to seasoning the meat. So here are some professional tips to help you cook the brisket perfect every single time.

Preparing the brisket

First of all, you should get a brisket that is around 10-12 lbs. Super markets around you probably don’t have anything like this beast. So you’ll definitely need to visit the slaughter house to get a customized large brisket.

Preparing the brisket

Once you have a brisket, let it rest in your home for at least 24 hours before you even think about doing anything to it. Once this time is up, start by cutting a bit of the excess fat on the top.

This is to make sure the seasoning gets in there properly. Leave a bit of fat intact because when you will slow cook the meat, a lot of it will go away and will leave your meat tender and juicy.

Seasoning the brisket

A lot of people think this is the hardest thing to get right when you are smoking a brisket. Since the piece of meat is huge, it is often quite hard to get the seasoning perfectly right. But we’ll just give you a very simple tip that will change the way you work with seasoning a brisket.

Seasoning the brisket

When you are preparing your brisket, simply cut of the excess fat from the top, making sure you leave at least ¼ thick layer of fat intact. Now no matter what seasoning you use, you can sprinkle it on top of your brisket and it should do fine.

The magic happens inside a smoker. For those who leave too much fat intact on the top or too less, there will always be inconsistency. So make sure no more than ¼ thick layer of fat is present to get the perfect seasoning in.

Smoking the brisket

Once you are done with the seasoning, allow the meat to rest in your fridge for several hours. Once you are ready, prepare your cooker by pre heating it. Let the wood chips to burn for at least 30 minutes before you put the meat inside.


Once it is ready, simply put the meat in and let the temperature stay close to 225 F. Once smoking, do not open the lead to check. The brisket should ideally be ready in around 4-6 hours, but you should check the meat every hour to make sure it is smoking fine.

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